Howard’s Mill Timeline Of Events

Daniel Lopez was left orphaned as his migrant family went missing in front of him on the land of Howard’s Mill.


Rebecca Howard finds her daughter missing, after she was playing in the family’s basement.

June, 1979

The Howard family moves away from the farm after their daughter, Glynnis goes missing from the basement.


Wayne Ritchie finds Glynis Williams (Age 2)


A young girl (6) claiming to be named Glynis Howard is found wandering the streets near Howard’s Mill


*Glynis Howard would’ve been 12 years old.

Forensics report that Glynis Howard died in wall of Howard house (Age 6)


Sarah Winston is shown on camera disappearing in broad daylight on Howard’s Mill.


A sink hole is discovered on the property of Howard’s Mill. Wayne Ritchie filled the pond with water.


Roger Winston discovers the bow Sarah Winston was wearing on the day she disappeared, 10 years later in a pond at Howard’s Mill.


*Forensics reports Sarah Winston (Age 10) drowned, when she should’ve been 20 years old.

Emily Nixon disappears as she and her husband treasure hunt on the property of Howard’s Mill.

October 13, 2017

Dwight, Kaiser and Chuck discover a cave on Wayne Ritchie’s property that opens at the man-made pond located at Howard’s Mill.

January 11, 2018

William Co. Fire Rescue sends a diver below the pond and discovers the body of Sarah Winston.

January 15, 2018

*Forensics say her body drowned in 2004.

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